NZ Skeptics Conference

22 07 2008

Those people who follow skepticism internationally will only just be recovering from all the great interviews and articles that came out of the Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas in June 2008. On the horizon is the New Zealand Skeptics meeting that is due to run for three days starting on the evening of Friday the 26th of September 2008 in Hamilton at the Waikato Diocesan College. The speakers they have lined up will touch upon a variety of topics including magic, immunisation, and sexual abuse. For further information click here and here.




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29 08 2008

Your topic reference of “sexual abuse” is highly insensitive and offensive, to the reader – in it’s implication to a “skeptic nature”…PLEASE CHANGE THE WORDING ASAP!!!! GRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 08 2008

Mark, it seems the mention of sexual abuse is in reference to the topic of one of the speakers at the conference:
“On a more serious note, Auckland lecturer and forensic physician Dr Felicity Goodyear-Smith will point out the dangers of jumping to conclusions when diagnosing sexual abuse.”

I’m not sure how the wording of this overview could be taken as offensive?

29 08 2008

Damian – my point is, the use of the solitary term “sexual abuse” as a topic reference can be interpreted that sexual abuse as a whole is a skeptical topic – (as it is a Skeptic Conference that is being promoted) – and this IS highly insensitive to those that HAVE been sexually abused, and perhaps not been supported adequately…

30 08 2008
John L. Ateo

Mark, I can see your point but I think you’re reading something into the message that isn’t there. The mere mention of ‘sexual abuse’ as a conference topic does not imply that skeptics are skeptical of whether sexual abuse happens, anymore than the mention of ‘immunisation’ as a conference topic implies that we are skeptical of its benefits. While sexual abuse is a real problem, unfortunately there have also been many lives ruined by false claims of sexual abuse, especially those retrieved by the controversial method of regressive hypnosis. It’s only proper that we separate these bogus claims from the real claims of sexual abuse, to ensure support and condemnation goes to the right people.

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