It’s Time to Hang up that Tin Foil Hat

23 07 2008

Are you concerned about being abducted by aliens? Do you stay up at night worried about alien telepathy? Then you need the Thought Screen Helmet. For less than US$35 you can sleep at night or drive into secluded areas without a worry in the world – except that of course you are far more likely to be killed in a car accident than to have your mind controlled by beings from another world.

There has been a major development in the technology involving the manufacturing of tin foil hats. Michael Menkin runs the Stop Alien Abduction website and he has instructions on how to make your very own hat (made from a plastic resin rather than tin) that he claims that it will prevent the aliens from being able to communicate with people telepathically, which in turn will mean that potential abductees cannot be immobilised in order to be taken away for a probing.

Essentially to construct this amazing device, you take one standard hat and you stuff as many layers of Velostat into it as possible.

He has truly inspirational testimonials on the website such as:

“Since trying Michael Menkin’s Helmet, I have not been bothered by alien mind control. Now my thoughts are my own. I have achieved meaningful work and am contributing to society.

My life is better than ever before. Thank you Michael for the work you are doing to save all humanity.”

It truly requires an extraordinary worldview that is based upon either an incredibly strong personal experience (which is most likely to be explained through psychological explanations) or the reliance on a huge amount of flimsy evidence. The underlying assumptions of this technology include:

  • That there are intelligent aliens (which is in my view is quite possible)
  • That these aliens can travel vast distances
  • That these aliens visit the earth
  • That they can communicate telepathically
  • The aliens can immobilise you telepathically
  • That Velostat, a plastic resin, will prevent such communication.

The evidence supplied for the effectiveness of the hats is that:

“From 1999 to 2008 over 100 people abducted by aliens have reported using thought screen helmets and hats made with Velostat. Since 1999 only two abductees were taken when they wore thought screen helmets with Velostat. Most of the other abductees using thought screen helmets reported success. Some abductees could not be reached after they tried their thought screen helmets.”

So they were still abducted when they wore the hats, but then they were not abducted. It does not make sense.

However Menkin and his tin foiled collaborators appear to be a fringe group within a fringe group, UFOlogists have distanced themselves from these claims and have described the hats as ridiculous (see here). If only the UFOlogists could turn some of that skepticism onto some of their own claims.




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23 07 2008
Michael Menkin

The case histories and testimonials on are authentic. There are many books on alien abductions. I suggest The Threat, by David Jacobs.
I make hats and send them to abductees all over the world. The people wearing the hats are no longer being abducted, and I do state that they are former abductees on the site, although I stil refer to them as abductees, since they were abducted by aliens.
My understanding of what the aliens do is substantiated by investigators Budd Hopkins, Preston Dennet and David Jacobs.
We will soon have a documentary about alien abductions and their genetic research on whole families.
An article on my work will soon appear in a UFO publication on alien abductions.
There are people wearing my hat all over the world in almost every English speaking country.
Velostat is a conductive plast that has unique electrical properties. The properties it has are different than metals.
Michael Menkin

24 07 2008

I am sure that for many people who say that they have been abducted the experience has felt authentic for them. UFO abduction is a fascinating cultural phenomenon that has rich mythical qualities about it. There does appear to be a strong reliance on anecdotal accounts to support the belief in abductions, but there are a range of alternative explanations that do not require the mountain of assumptions that are required to support a belief in the usefulness of a velostat hat.

Such explanations include prevalence of hypnosis in recovering memories, which has been demonstrated as not just ineffective, but encouraging the creation of false memories. Sleep paralysis is another possible explanation in some cases and there have been documented hoaxes as well. The topic of alien abduction is an interesting area given the interaction between culture, psychology and perception, and it has parallels with other movements such as satanic ritual abuse panic in the 1980s’ and early 1990’s. But the phenomenon of UFO abduction seems to have qualities to its pathology that has allowed it to persist.

8 07 2013

These are the usual “explanations” for why abductees are ‘mistaken’ but they don’t actually address the full spectrum of claims. There are abductees that claim to have been taken during the day, while fully awake. People like Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs (at least claim to) verify that they aren’t leading their patients into preconceived abduction scenario. I will admit that it’s difficult to believe the abduction scenario based on the available evidence, and the Occam’s Razor approach certainly suggests we should look for the “simplest” answer. Nevertheless, “explanations” given by skeptics don’t actually cover the full spectrum of claims. At some point we have to believe that some ‘abductees’ and/or people like Hopkins/Jacobs are actually lying (or delusional beyond measure) OR accept the evidence. There is only room for a middle ground if you only focus on a narrow, straw man version of the claims (as you do above).

9 08 2008

i would like to say that if the device works in stopping an abduction then that is a major feat in preventing person or persons being taken.

9 years is remarkable, infact is does make sense, only two people have been taken with Velostat while 99% had not, this shows the thought screen is very effective in the 99% of people with one, while the 2% were abducted with one.

it’s quite a valid claim.

13 08 2008

J, yes the claim is about as valid as saying that myself and 99 of my work colleagues have worn watches for the last 9 years and only 2% of them have been abducted. In fact, the common wristwatch is even more effective than a velostat hat as far as I am aware (my building has something like 300 people working in it – and almost all of them would wear a watch or have access to a timepiece) none of them have been abducted by aliens.

16 08 2008


your an expert here that has all the answers to everything, why don’t you enlighten the people that read these blogs that something you cannot dissprove, rather than resulting to being a Cyberbully before looking into the facts.

16 08 2008
John L. Ateo

I agree with you Christiaan, these silly hats would be as effective as a lucky rabbit’s foot. It amazes me that believers in visiting aliens bestow them with such advanced knowledge yet then insist that a silly hat will defeat them. Aliens have built spacecraft that have circumvented space and time yet seemingly don’t have the intelligence to get around Menkin’s silly hat. If aliens feel they must communicate telepathically with people in trailer parks — and the hat prevents this — then surely they could just stun people from behind with their phasers and take the hat off, or rip it off while they’re sleeping or simply threaten them with their phaser and demand, “Take the f***ing hat off moron”.
The fact is there is no accepted evidence of even one person ever being abducted by aliens. Or by Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster for that matter.
Menkin claims the testimonials regarding abductions are authentic, but this means nothing. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes, sincerely believed in fairies. Sincerely believing you’ve seen something at the foot of your bed, be it alien or fairy, doesn’t make it real. These believers need to provide evidence that can be verified scientifically, not silly fantasies that are too ridiculous even for the likes of Dr Who.

11 10 2014
truck norris

the only Dr Who episode I have watched in the past 10 years involved him going into the future to watch the end of our galaxy and our sun exploding. in this scene he is watching the event with the last remaining human, (which is just stretched skin with a face) and a room full of other alien beings so your statement about Dr. Who is incorrect. its all fun and games until someone has their own experience. 10 years ago there is a lot of things and idea we called crazy and impossible. check thoes ideas with todays reality. deep sea discoveries, technology in your hand, terraforming mars.. 10 years ago you’d be crazy .. ok maybe 20 years ago .. to think those things were possible. just saying.

17 09 2008

the earth is safe from those evil cybermen! tin foil hat time!! yeah not siily for me though.

11 01 2009

We cannot be sure if those who claim to be abducted by aliens are actually being abducted, the experience may seem real to them even if nothing is actually happening even to the point of them not being able to function on a normal day to day basis, so it’s my opinion that if those who have purchased the hat believe that it is working in keeping those aliens from abducting them, or the Government from being able to read their minds then I would have to say that the helmet can work as a placebo letting them have some peace of mind.

17 06 2009

Just as a comment… I was hit many years ago as a potential alien abductee with a small viral type of organic device. I was listened to via alien crafts for a number of years since. When I showed signs of having had a psychic experience — I’ve had a few ‘real’ or profitic dreams since childhood — while being listened to, I was hit with numerous organic devices that grew into my brian. Since that time I’ve had my mind listened to at a constant rate for 4 years now, night and day. I have personally spoken to at least 10 alien cultures and have been constantly hurt by them. Not to be an alarmist, but our solar system has been dotted with numerous devices several cultures are using to spy on us and cause us difficulties. I am one of their favorite ‘toys’ they tell me because the devices have defused my brain so completely that I can hear whoever is connected to me and they can hear my thoughts, speech and can even detect body movements to a limited degree. Their latest is to push pictures into my mind, for instance, taunting me with an alien abduction film of a man seemingly from Belgium who spoke English. I’ve also been shown data taken from our own television system and their spy systems. I’ve been trying to spread the word now after several years of taking a great deal of body pain and mind torture and am looking for some kind of protection. Having a hat like this would be a God-send. So, I’m going to be making one. The word needs to be spread; however, I do not want to be put on any radio or TV show and made a side-show for others. If you know of any website or contact arena that is worthwhile, please let me know.

17 06 2009

Postscript: To my last comment — I neglected to mention that I was not taken as an abductee due to my health. I have a thyroid condition that kept me from being taken. Yet, I have actually spoken to some people who were taken from our world and kept. This is no laughing matter to those people who have been hurt in this manner. In addition, we as a race of beings are being viewed as victims to harass and extort via various means. Not all aliens are kind. I mistakenly held the belief that only the ‘best of the best’ would be allowed by all civilizations into space and this is most certainly not true. Many are friendly and are aiding us in many ways, but by and large, those who come here want something from us for free and are unwilling to offer us aid in return.

12 06 2013

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14 05 2014


It’s Time to Hang up that Tin Foil Hat | Evidence Based Thought

2 04 2017

We have no privacy. Its becoming more apparent that right here in our own back yard that the powers that be continuously orchestrate attacks on our civil liberties and free will be it through subliminal messages or bogus laws. People, we don’t have to look across the universe to try to recognize evil agendas!

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