Stop Boris Kreiman

4 11 2008

A person going by the name of Boris Kreiman has whipped up the domain while its owner, Robert Lancaster is recovering from a serious stroke that he suffered some months ago.

Initially a psychic service operated by Kreiman was put on the site that directed users to Upon being informed of his actions (presumably in many colourful words from many angry sceptics) he offered to sell the site back for $20,000. When his offer was (unsurprisingly) refused he then tried to sell it on Ebay.

Kreiman left a post on Randi’s swift blog that said:

Hi My name is GM Boris Kreiman and I did buy domain I dont know why you people writing this bs. I offered to sell it to the owner and his friends. There is NOTHING WRONG with buying GOOD DOMAINS. I am not pro or against Sylvia Browne. I tried to put up objective content but got many insults in the email. Please stop this harassment because I dont want to file any law suits. I hope we can call it as misunderstand and you guys put your money where your mouth is and BUY

Kreiman picked up the domain at auction for $495 when it expired and the proper thing to do given Robert’s unfortunate circumstances would be to sell it back for a reasonable amount.

For those of you who have links to Robert’s website, the new domain is




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4 11 2008
6 11 2008

The domain was picked up for 495 according to He can get court order to shut your site down for spreading lies. He did not know about Rob being in hospital. He offered to sell it back for 495 but was refused. As a true skepdic I think we should read the facts before writing something.

6 11 2008

Mac, what part of the post is a lie? Kreiman seems to have made some interesting decisions in the aftermath of the purchase of the domain.

Buying up similar domain names as they were being discussed on the JREF forum (such as, a whois shows that Kreiman registered the domain on the 30th of October 2008. Strangely enough this very domain name was suggested on the JREF forum on the 29th of October 2008).

And offering to sell the domain name back to Robert for $20,000

The source of the $20,000 figure is from Robert’s wife who left a comment on Kreiman’s blog that I have reproduced in full at the bottom of this comment (it is lengthy, but worth the read). No where in Kreiman’s website does it say that he offered to sell it back for $495.

The threat of a court order does not bother me, I have merely reported an event of interest and inserted some of my own opinion about the character of Kreiman based upon his actions.

Thank you for clarifying that he paid $495 for the domain, I have edited the post to reflect this. You will note though that I stated “probably picked up the domain for about $20”, I said this because I did not know how much he paid and made a reasonable guess based upon domain name fees.

I guess there must be money to be made in domain squatting and people with an interest in this area like Kreiman must make some money out of it to make it worth his time, effort, and money. But it also must be a bit of a gamble and in this case I doubt he will be making his $495 back. I can only surmise that the main reason for purchasing the site was to increase traffic to, but it attracts the wrong demographic as the people directed to the site by this debacle are likely to be sceptics and therefore unlikely to be interested in purchasing the services of the Lifepsychic.

Susan Lancaster’s comment was:

Boris, my comment you quoted was made in frustration. I do apologize for my insensitivity. I hope you understand the stress I was under.
My husband (original owner of this domain) had a stroke on Aug 4th and was in a deep sleep for 6 weeks. He has been gradually awakening for 7 weeks and is now in rehab. In Aug, I received mail from GoDaddy for something that a fee was due for – two seperate charges, which I thought were annual fees for his two “Stop” websites. I called GoDaddy and paid what was due and breathed a sigh of relief that I wouldn’t have to worry about that any more. I never received any other notification from GoDaddy that anything was in danger of expiring. I did not have access to my husband’s email accounts. The domain was auctioned out from under us while my husband has been incapacitated. A “perfectly legal” transaction, I’m sure, just not very ethical.
Damage control: I am not in the business you are in. I don’t have the internet knowledge my husband has. I relied entirely on friends at JREF to help me with this. By Oct 30th, a consensus had been reached on the Forum for me to purchase the .net domain. I called GoDaddy that night, only to learn that you had purchased the .net domain on the 30th. It was quite obvious to me that you purchased it so that I could not. Smart business move? Perhaps. Compassionate? Fair? The “moral” to do? Probably not. But, so it goes.
I also had an opportunity to take a cursory look at the site you put up in place of my husband’s completely fair and balanced web site. (For those of you who think he has not written an article showing when SB has been correct is because he’s biased, you are wrong. He has, on numerous occassions, requested that someone, ANYONE, give him a verifiable instance when she HAS been correct, and he will post it on the site as soon as it is verified.) What you put there, Boris,, angered me. It appeared to me that you were cashing in on the original website’s traffic in order to push your own agenda at my husband’s reputation’s expense. Forgive me for being a bit emotional about that. I do hope you understand.
Next, one of our friends at the JREF Forum contacted you by email in the hopes that you would be reasonable and compassionate towards our situation. You shot back with an offer to sell the domain name back to us for $20,000. I didn’t see that as being reasonable or compassionate. My husband does not make any money from his site. It costs us to have it. This is something he is passionate about. It is his avocation. With the knowledge that he is recovering from a long and serious illness from which there must be numerous expenses, you offered to sell the domain back to us at a price that might as well have been a million dollars. However, I should have kept my emotions in check because you are, after all, a business man, just trying to conduct a business transaction.
Please believe me, Boris, when I tell you that I am truly sorry that my emotions carried me away. My heartfelt apologies I now extend to you in this public place. I will take the tact my husband has taken and “move on.” He had another domain name in his possession which fits quite nicely: We cannot afford your asking price, and would not pay it if we could, which I’m sure you realized when you offered it at $20,000. You are a shrewd business man, after all. We no longer need the domain name you wanted so badly, so you are welcome to it.
I am also very sorry some people sent you more emotional messages than my own. This is not the way my husband would have handled the situation. I hope you can forgive them. They love Robert, and they thought you were hurting him. Now perhaps they will see that you are not. You are just a business man, conducting business. I am asking everyone who loves Robert to stop and ask yourselves, “What would Robert do?” before posting anything else here.
Best of luck, Boris, in your life and endeavors. You will not hear from me again.
Susan Lancaster
wife of the webmaster at

6 11 2008

Mac, if he did not know Mr. Lancaster was in the hospital when he bought the first site name, why did he buy other names AFTER learning that Mr. Lancaster was ill. On the 3rd of November a posting on the JREF forum says “I looked at a couple of other StopSylvia addresses: and Guess what? Kreimannchess has just registered them through Godaddy.”

Please explain how Mr. Kreiman can claim he did not know that Mr. Lancaster was ill when he registered website names close to the replacement name.

6 11 2008


Registered through:, Inc. (

Created On: 02-Nov-2008 19: 58: 17 UTC
Last Updated On: 02-Nov-2008 19: 58: 19 UTC
Expiration Date: 02-Nov-2009 19: 58: 17 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:, Inc. (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID: GODA-055205502
Registrant Name: Boris Kreiman
Registrant Organization: kreimanchess


Now what were you saying again about “facts”, Mac?

6 11 2008

Thanks for the additional information HCN, it serves to strengthen the suspicions about the fairness of of Kreiman’s actions.

I see that he has also registered on the 2nd of November 2008:

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 02-Nov-08
Expires on: 02-Nov-09
Last Updated on: 02-Nov-08

Administrative Contact:
Kreiman, Boris

6 11 2008

In light of Boris Kreiman’s protests I have edited the post slightly to remove the references to his character. This has been an interesting turn of events that harks back to my earlier post on the threat of defamation.

Please note that edit to change the purchase price of the domain was done earlier after I received Mac’s comment.

It will now be interesting to see whether Kreiman will have the courtesy to remove the similar references to my character that he has made on his blog, as well as the false accusations of the involvement of Ian Luxmoore and Grae O’Sullivan who have had no input whatsoever into this particular thread.

5 06 2009

This guy Boris likes to invest in peoples mistakes! Seems he has done this to a few people on the web.
Hope he doesn’t screw the wrong org for his sake!

5 09 2009
Robert Lancaster

Hey all! This past year has been, to say the least, a Long, Strange Trip. I am finally back home, but still without the use of my left arm and leg. My Susan deserves a medal for all she has been through on my behalf. She is definitely correct above in that I would discourage any attacks (verbal or otherwise) on Mr. Kreiman. sge is also correct that I would not buy the domain back for $20,000 even if I had it.


6 09 2009

This jerk Boris Kreiman managed to get one of my expired domains a few months ago and I have made many attempts to contact him and he does not respond!

19 05 2014
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